How to Drive New Customers to You

January 30, 2016 / Comments Off on How to Drive New Customers to You

Sometimes you just need a printer in Brisbane for your marketing campaign. It’s easy to forget about the physical world when we have so much focus aimed toward the digital one. With a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr campaign bringing in plenty of new customers sometimes we just forget that the real world can bring in just as many new customers as a digital one can. It’s a different technique and one that millenials have forgotten to utilize. When starting your own business is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of ease thanks to the distinct lack of needing a physical space, it’s no wonder that those without any marketing experience are going to skip out on the physical world. (more…)

My Boys and I Have Found a New Way to Spend Time Together

January 29, 2016 / Comments Off on My Boys and I Have Found a New Way to Spend Time Together

I was never any good at sports back in school. If you have ever seen a TV show where they show’s writers joke around by making a character on the show be the last one to be picked for a team sport, I was that kid in real life. It was pretty upsetting when I was just a little guy, but I soon learned that just because I am no good at sports does not mean I need to actually play them. I love watching them and observing. I ended up buying Madden 16 and a gaming console to play it on. I had never done this before and wondered if I would like it.

I purchased the game and set to play it on at a moving sale, so I did not have the usual instruction manual to use as I would have if I had purchased it new from a store. (more…)