Ants Had Infested and Ruined Our Maple Tree

July 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Ants Had Infested and Ruined Our Maple Tree

I came home form work the other day and saw thousands and thousands of ants at the base of a tree that is next to the sidewalk leading up to our house. It is an old Maple that has given us much joy with its shade and seasonal colors. I called a tree service in Brooklyn NY to come out and see why there were so many ants.

It turns out that they were an ant species that was ruining the tree. We were going to have it treated by an exterminator, but the drilling of core samples revealed that it was damaged beyond saving from the inside. I asked how the tree could look so healthy and be in such bad shape. The company that provides the tree service in Brooklyn NY told me that the nutrients that feed the leaves and growth travels just under the bark. The inner part of the tree is supposed to be solid wood. The tree had big hollow spaces compromising its structural integrity.

We had to have the tree cut down and the stump removed. (more…)