A Day Porter Solved Our Problems

By Michelle Albaugh
April 2, 2019
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When I took over the management of a large office building, I mainly just observed for the first two days. I was satisfied with most things that I noticed, but there was one area that we were severely lacking in. As odd as it sounds, that area was having clean bathrooms for visitors. Each office has their own restrooms, but we also have several public restrooms on each floor. In total, that is 30 sets of restrooms. I decided to look at office cleaning companies to see if I could find a better solution.

The company that was cleaning the restrooms at that time was doing a great job, but they were only coming in after the offices had closed. That meant that all day long, the restrooms were never cleaned. People can be messy and downright dirty, and I did not want visitors having to use a dirty restroom. I was able to find one cleaning company that offers day porter services, and that is exactly what I wanted. This person would be able to be on site from 8am until 5pm, and their only job would be to clean the restrooms.

That might sound excessive, but I really liked having this attention to detail. Not only would they clean the toilets, but they would also wipe and disinfect different areas such as the sinks, mirrors, light switches, stall doors, handles, and more. This person would also take care of the trash in each restroom as well as any messes on the floor. After hiring this company for their day porter service, I did an inspection of each bathroom after a few days, periodically throughout the day, and I was extremely satisfied with their work. One person using a dirty bathroom can change their opinion forever of a company, so I am glad that we have this taken care of now.

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