Businesses Need to Get Online or Face the Real Possibility of Going out of Business

By Michelle Albaugh
August 10, 2016
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I remember years ago when we decided to put our business online. We wanted to take advantage of whatever the new medium of the Internet would offer as far as generating revenue. Back then, I had an employee who had built computers from kits in the early days of personal computing, and she was savvy with the new HTML that the World Wide Web was being built on. Selling online back then still required customers call or send a check. It was like fancy mail order. Now we use a marketing company in Thailand to manage our web presence and domains.

Years ago the online sales did not even account for one percent of the total revenue. Now the online sales are more than 50 percent of our revenue. I do not know about other industries that are similar to ours, but I do know we are planning for a future that has less brick and mortar stores and more online sales. It is just based on customer preference. They find it easier to use a credit card and point and click to buy. With the fast shipping provided by carriers now, customers are leaning more and more toward buying online.

The things people need immediately are now being planned for. The mindset of consumers is changing. They are placing standing orders for products to be replenished on a time schedule. They do it with pet food, groceries, medications and more. It is important to find a great company that can build an extraordinary web presence for your company that gets a high page ranking using fresh SEO that stays fresh to keep up with the ever changing algorithms of the search engines. For some businesses it is either build a powerful web presence or hang up a going out of business sign on your brick and mortar store.

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