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Unlimited Data Plans and Best Pricing

April 2, 2019 / Comments Off on Unlimited Data Plans and Best Pricing

My family goes through a whole lot of data, and it is kind of ridiculous, when you really think about it. It is way more data that we use than I would have thought would be possible for a family of four. But I guess my kids just use the most data intensive apps around the clock, which is kind of annoying. Right now, I am trying to find pricing on all you can eat data plans that have unlimited high speed data, where there really are no restrictions on how much data you can use.

I have seen data plans in the past, which claim to be unlimited, but in reality, they have some caps, where they will throttle down the speed of your internet access after you reach a certain amount of data usage. That is a pretty shady practice, especially if you are not told that it is going to happen. So that is why I want to be careful in picking a new plan to make sure that I can find one that is really going to be unlimited, and that there are no hidden strings that are attached to the plan.

I also need to know how much it is going to cost to get such a plan for four phones. I do not think it is going to be super cheap, but I know that it will be cheaper than my last phone bill. I had several hundred dollars of overage charges, because my kids went over the data cap and we started to get charged for all of the data that was used in excess of the amount allotted to our phones for the month. I was very upset when I saw the bill and grounded my kids from their phones for 3 days.

Top Quality Training for Race Horses

April 2, 2019 / Comments Off on Top Quality Training for Race Horses

I have just purchased a young horse, that has a good pedigree, and I think that it could grow up to be a champion racing horse one day. I want to find a trainer of race horses, so that it can be trained to be in races from an early age, and hopefully, become the champion that I think it can become one day.

I spent a lot of time looking at different lineages, before deciding to buy this horse. I really like the pedigree of both its mother, and its father. My wife was trying to get me to purchase a different horse, but her reasons for wanting the other horse were kind of silly in my estimation. (more…)

A Day Porter Solved Our Problems

April 2, 2019 / Comments Off on A Day Porter Solved Our Problems

When I took over the management of a large office building, I mainly just observed for the first two days. I was satisfied with most things that I noticed, but there was one area that we were severely lacking in. As odd as it sounds, that area was having clean bathrooms for visitors. Each office has their own restrooms, but we also have several public restrooms on each floor. In total, that is 30 sets of restrooms. I decided to look at office cleaning companies to see if I could find a better solution.

The company that was cleaning the restrooms at that time was doing a great job, but they were only coming in after the offices had closed. (more…)

Blacknight Top Reliable Hosting Service

January 22, 2019 / Comments Off on Blacknight Top Reliable Hosting Service

Blacknight are an Irish based, ICANN accredited domain registrar and hosting company. Recipients of several awards for their revolutionary use of social media, Blacknight are one of Europe’s most cutting edge Internet companies. Blacknight constantly seek to lead the way by introducing innovative solutions for its client base and provide dedicated servers and colocation as well as a comprehensive range of Microsoft Windows and Linux based hosting plans and domain name registration services to business globally.

Blacknight web facilitating is situated in Carlow, Ireland, yet has turned out to be a genuine player in the worldwide facilitating industry. This is likely because of its dedication to unwavering quality, straightforwardness, mechanical advancement, and client support.

Not just is their web facilitating administration dependable (see underneath for all the more), however Blacknight considers interchanges important. They’re dynamic on online networking – yet not simply dynamic, they are really receptive to their clients by means of Twitter and Facebook. Their online journal is much of the time redesigned and accommodating. The knowledgebase is loaded with accommodating articles and client manages; the client discussion is likewise dynamic and greatly supportive. Also, keep in mind the Blacknight wiki!

Blacknight site facilitating is Ireland’s most famous space enlistment center, and the knowledge picked up from helping such a variety of clients set up an expert web vicinity is essential to their business achievemen

Site Established: 20 Jan 2002
Traffic Popularity: #196 of 15,684 companies

The Blacknight site was established 13 years ago since 20 Jan 2002. Their website’s popularity is ranked #196 of about 15,684 hosting companies listed here – based on the estimated number of visitors to Blacknight’s website.

We Both Have Gorgeous Backyards Now

February 24, 2018 / Comments Off on We Both Have Gorgeous Backyards Now

When I went to my sister’s housewarming party, I was so happy for her. She had been wanting her own house for years, and she finally found the one that she was meant to have. I live nearly three hours away, so I did not see it until I went to her house for the weekend of the party. When I saw her backyard, I knew that I was going to find a masonry contractor in Nassau County NY when I got back home to recreate parts of it in my own backyard.

Her yard is smaller than mine, but it looked so much nicer because of how it was designed. (more…)

Upgrading to a Luxury Home in Colorado

July 10, 2017 / Comments Off on Upgrading to a Luxury Home in Colorado

Several years ago, I took a business trip to Colorado. I instantly fell in love with the place and never left. My job was kind enough to allow me to work remotely from this location, and I’ve been able to transition fairly easily. Now that I’ve been here for a while, I’m ready to upgrade my home and find something more upscale. I’ve been searching for luxury real estate in Highland Ranch CO, which is ultimately where I would like to move. One of the benefits of living here for as long as I have is that I have a better understanding of the different areas and neighborhoods. This has allowed me to have insight that nonresidents would not have. This is one of the factors that has gone into my decision to look for homes in that area.

My friend referred me to a real estate agent in the area who has been helping me throughout this process. I really feel like I would be extremely lost without her. She’s done a lot of work for me, and has a great understanding of what it is that I’m looking for. I want home with at least three bedrooms and three bathrooms. (more…)

I Am Really Working Hard at School

July 8, 2017 / Comments Off on I Am Really Working Hard at School

It is getting really tough to keep at the course I have decided upon. A lot of people start out in engineering courses without really understanding how difficult it is going to be, but that is not the case with me. I used to date a girl who is in the same program and I saw how difficult it was for her to work on the courses you need. Of course she gave me a really thorough Primavera tutorial back when I started, because I am thinking that project management is a really good thing to specialize in. (more…)

Helped Me Pick a Good Scanning Program

June 17, 2017 / Comments Off on Helped Me Pick a Good Scanning Program

Finding good scanning software can be a real pain in the you know what. I actually bought a laptop that came with a package of software related to photography, including a scanning program that was apparently top notch, but to my amazement I could never get the software to work well. Even when it did work, I would get error messages or the scan would go so slowly that it seemed to take hours to get all my images through the software. And that is a big deal for me because I am a retired professional photographer.

I still spend hours a day messing around with my cameras. I even have my own dark room in the basement that I still use from time to time when I want to produce images that are real old school. (more…)

Report Spam in Gmail Inbox

April 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Report Spam in Gmail Inbox

I have used Gmail for a long time, and for the most part, Google has done a pretty good job at catching spam, so I don’t even have to look at it in the first place. However, I have been having an issue lately and I need to figure out how to get it fixed, because there has been some consistent items of spam mailed to my account over the past few weeks. I am looking into this email address and seeing if it is the target for spam reports. I am really interested in figuring out how to let google know about my problem, but it seems pretty hard to contact them directly. (more…)

Moving Closet to Home Again

April 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Moving Closet to Home Again

I was living in California when my dream job opened up in Toledo Ohio. I was pretty excited about more than just the job too. My family is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moving to Toledo would mean that it would just take hours instead of days to visit them or for them to come see me. I didn’t tell anyone about it until I found out I got the job, and then I started looking at cheap apartments in Toledo Ohio. I called my parents and asked them if I should get a one or two bedroom apartment in Ohio, which was my way of telling them that I was moving back home, or close to it anyway.

I already knew that I was going to get a two bedroom, because I was hoping that not only my parents would visit more often but my brothers and sisters too. (more…)

An Energy Company That Promotes Being Green

April 18, 2017 / Comments Off on An Energy Company That Promotes Being Green

I have known ever since moving to Texas that I had the choice for which company I wanted to supply my energy. I never really appreciated that until recently though. A friend gave me a link to look at online that had a good bit of information on it about the different companies. It all started out because she told me how much one of her electric bills was. I was so surprised because I was paying a lot more than she was. I asked her what company she uses, and that is when I found out that we have different ones supplying our energy.

One of the reasons why I never looked into the different companies is because I thought that all of them were pretty much the same. I knew that each one had their own name, and serviced different areas other than where I live, but I thought everything else was the same. (more…)