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Gardening Tools And Supplies

December 20, 2015 / Comments Off on Gardening Tools And Supplies

For any type of garden to thrive, it is a must to have the essential gardening tools. The very important thing to remember is you should get tools that are durable and inexpensive. For a backyard gardener who’s growing plants in containers, there’s really no need to have all of those recommended gardening tools and equipment. The idea here is to get what you need. You can even improvise if you currently lack the budget.

Below are my actual backyard gardening tools. I use these regularly, so I had to buy them during the early days of our backyard garden.

Gardening Tools

Here are the plastic pots and rectangular planter that are now in use. The small basins are my sister’s. She used them during college when she was staying at the university. Right now, I use one of them when mixing up soil and compost, or when there’s a need to replant.

A plastic watering can or watering pot is a must for all gardeners. If you have a bigger garden, it’s best to have a dedicated watering hose attached to a nearby outdoor faucet.


[Items here, from the trowel going clockwise:]

– For your trowel, it does’t matter if you get a plastic or a metal one. As long as it’s durable, lightweight, and affordable.

Pruning shears/pruning scissors are essential in the garden especially if you have plants that love being pruned. Keep your pruning shears clean and oiled to help them open and close properly when in use. You may use WD-40 on the middle section or adjoining parts of the shears.

Sharpen the blades  from the bevel to the tip of each blade with a sharpening file. You may oil the metal parts after sharpening.

Tweezers can be very useful in the garden especially if you don’t like picking out weevils, caterpillars, and other pests in your garden. I just have these pair of tweezers available at home, so might as well put them to good use.

But if you’re not iffy or afraid of handling insects and pests using your bare hands, then it’s okay if you don’t have tweezers. You just need to use rubber gloves to protect your skin from stains and stings.

Scissors can also be handy especially when you are tying branches onto stakes or cutting out fertilizer and compost packets.

Garden hand fork/cultivator is a must. You can use it for aerating soil, weeding, transplanting, and many others.

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These seedling pots are must-haves in your backyard garden. Make sure to get reusable plastic seedling pots to save on cash. Those white sticks are actually seedling tags. You can also reuse them by sticking paper or masking tape over the wider part of the tag.