Facebook Groups Poster Review

By Marc Fox
January 22, 2019
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One of the best things about Facebook Groups Poster is the ability to do a custom search (FGP uses Facebooks own search feature) and save the results to a text file, and then you use that file to join those groups and post to only those groups.
If you’re marketing to different groups, say the Paleo diet and general weight loss, you might have different marketing messages for each one!
This allows you to join many groups under 1 account, but keep custom lists and send your ads only to those groups you want to post too!
Another extremely powerful way this software can help you explode your business!

If you’re doing paid Facebook ads, you know how powerful having the User ID’s for group members can be – invaluable.
Wondering How to get Facebook user ID’s from groups automatically and quickly?

Facebook Groups Poster is a Powerful piece of software that can join groups, gather them into a .txt file, and as this video shows gather the information on the Users in the Groups you decide to target!

More than just How to get Facebook user ID’s from groups, this software also pulls out:
their name
facebook email address
profile url
user ID

More than you need? How POWERFUL is all that information in your hands?
Doing it by hand, the slow tedious way now?

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