By Marc Fox
January 22, 2019

Graphic River was inevitable after the explosion in popularity of the other networked sites. It’s a place where anyone can sign up to start selling their raster and vector art to make substantial profit, and perhaps even more exciting consumers can purchase goods at extremely low prices.

What Can I Buy at Graphic River?

Looking for Layered PSD’s to use in your screen and print work? They’ve got that. Need a vector icon set for use in your new blog? They’ve got that too. Got a hunger for a new website design? You guessed it: They have it all

Graphic River has an awesome collection of graphics, Layered PSD’s and Vector art to browse through already, all neatly categorized to make finding the perfect match for your project a quick and easy task. What’s even nicer is that all of the prices are insanely low for the quality of the work. How cheap? How about starting at $1?

The quality control is pretty intense, so you know when you buy something at Graphic River (or any other Envato Marketplace) that you’re getting a good deal on anything you purchase. Trust me on that, I’ve published a few of my own products there that have been returned to me asking for improvements.

I Want To Sell!

Anyone can sign up for an Envato Marketplace account and start buying or selling today. One of the things we really like about selling products on Graphic River and it’s sibling sites is the effort put into quality control. Before you can start selling, you have to score well on a quiz that ensures sellers know what they’re doing, and before any of a sellers products are listed they undergo rigorous quality control.

And I’m not just saying that to make it sound special. Maybe they don’t consider it rigorous, but in my experience of submitting items for publication I’ve had designs returned to me requiring fine tuning that I had completely missed.

Under Envato’s Exclusive Authoring program, sellers can earn 40% to 70% commission on all sales, a rate that is going to be hard to beat on similar digital marketplaces. Honestly, making a living or a decent part time income isn’t out of the question if people are interested in the designs you sell. For Example, some themes at have sold over 300 copies in under a year at the price of around $30. Can’t complain about passive income like that.

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