Healthy Skin with Natural Oils

By Michelle Albaugh
April 18, 2017
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Mineral oil moisturizers, including CQ10, is definitely not recommended because they tend to clog our skin pores easily. By clogging our pores, it actually makes it hard for your skin to breathe and function properly. This can cause a buildup of toxins in your body. And one of the thing you want to avoid is this because high toxins are responsible for symptoms such as itchy hair follicles, acne outbreaks and severe skin irritations. To know whether the skin care products contain any mineral oils, just do a check on the labels. If it says “liquid paraffin”, “petrolatum” or “paraffin wax”, then it means that it contains mineral oils.

The good thing with these oils based moisturizers is that it is non greasy and does not clog your pores at all. If you are looking for the best types of non pore clogging moisturizers, here is what you should be looking for: Avocado Oil, do you know avocado oil is very compatible with your skin? It possesses deep hydrating properties and can destroy free radicals that harm your skin. Avocado contains vitamin E and omegas 3 and 9. These nutrients bring suppleness and vitality to your skin. Macadamia Oi, has no greasiness, and easily absorbed by the skin, macadamia oil is an ingredient used only in premium brands of moisturizers.

If your skin is dry and flaky, this oil will be of great use to you because it can replenishes your skin and keep your skin well moisten. Nano-Lipobelle HE Q10, is a unique ‘nano-emulsion’ form of Coenzyme Q10, this substance has the ability to deliver nutrients the deeper layers of your inner skin. It is already a very powerful ingredient by itself and if you use it together with Cynergy TK, the results can increase multi-fold. For those of you who are facing tight pores problems, I will strongly recommend you to give cQ10 a try.

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