Helped Me Pick a Good Scanning Program

By Michelle Albaugh
June 17, 2017
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Finding good scanning software can be a real pain in the you know what. I actually bought a laptop that came with a package of software related to photography, including a scanning program that was apparently top notch, but to my amazement I could never get the software to work well. Even when it did work, I would get error messages or the scan would go so slowly that it seemed to take hours to get all my images through the software. And that is a big deal for me because I am a retired professional photographer.

I still spend hours a day messing around with my cameras. I even have my own dark room in the basement that I still use from time to time when I want to produce images that are real old school. But in a pinch, it’s difficult to stay away from the amazing technology of digital photography and getting your images just right through the computer. You can alter photographs in nearly any way imaginable these days. But for me getting them through a scanner just wasn’t working. I needed to find information about various software packages that even an old timer like me could use easily.

I found a site online that reviewed various scanning software packages. It was quite illuminating and gave me an excellent overview of the various products and what they can do. They even had screen shots so you could see what the user interface looks like. Very helpful, I must say. I ended up picking up a software package that is so easy anyone can use it. I saved up many of my images in anticipation of installing the program just to see how quickly I could get all of them through. Even I was surprised at how quickly everything worked. The program is worth its weight in gold!

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