How to Drive New Customers to You

By Michelle Albaugh
January 30, 2016
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Sometimes you just need a printer in Brisbane for your marketing campaign. It’s easy to forget about the physical world when we have so much focus aimed toward the digital one. With a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr campaign bringing in plenty of new customers sometimes we just forget that the real world can bring in just as many new customers as a digital one can. It’s a different technique and one that millenials have forgotten to utilize. When starting your own business is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of ease thanks to the distinct lack of needing a physical space, it’s no wonder that those without any marketing experience are going to skip out on the physical world. Launch events should never be understated With the right combination of a digital campaign to advertise a launch event in the real world you can generate enough hype for your business that you’ll be hiring your own social media expert instead of Tweeting yourself.

That’s why a printer can be so useful. Whenever we use a printer at our company for these launch events we print out the slogan and logo for whatever launch event we’re focusing on and slap them everywhere that we can. Banners. Stickers. Pens. Anything that can possibly grab someone’s attention is going to have been printed with that new slogan in order to drive it into their brains. That’s how you get new customers or at the very least make enough noise and hype for people to pass it on; make sure they remember it. Even if they don’t know what it is or what it means, its important that they are exposed to it. Even if someone didn’t know what the Nike symbol was they would recognize the Nike symbol no matter who they are or where they’re from.

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