I Am Really Working Hard at School

By Michelle Albaugh
July 8, 2017
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It is getting really tough to keep at the course I have decided upon. A lot of people start out in engineering courses without really understanding how difficult it is going to be, but that is not the case with me. I used to date a girl who is in the same program and I saw how difficult it was for her to work on the courses you need. Of course she gave me a really thorough Primavera tutorial back when I started, because I am thinking that project management is a really good thing to specialize in. Obviously you would have a different sort of priorities than other engineers, who are really going to be trying to build things like water treatment facilities and sewage treatment systems. Those are really important and more to the point they are things where you are going to find jobs. There are probably tens of thousands of cities and towns in this country, all of them have very specific needs for people who are qualified to handle their needs.

At the same time you are going to have to rectify the reality with the needs, meaning that there are going to be limits to how much money and resources are going to be available to carry out these projects. If you do not manage these issues properly, then the entire thing is going to fall apart on you unless you can keep it moving within the available resources. So doing it efficiently is almost as important as doing it well. You really can not find money growing on trees and so the costs are a very important part of the entire thing. You should realize this just from you own life, where you have to make choices about spending your money so that it lasts until you get more.

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