I Had Acne Scars on My Face

By Michelle Albaugh
January 1, 2017
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I did a search not long ago for an acne scar treatment in Singapore. I was not sure if there would be anything available, but my reasoning was good anyway. I figured if they can put a man on the moon, and if they can give a one legged man the ability to walk again, then there should be something for people like me who had hideous acne scars on our faces. I know that some people may think that is comparing apples and oranges as far as priorities are concerned, but I can guarantee you that not a single person with acne scars feel that way.

While everyone can see the scars on the outside, very few know about the internal scars. We live in society where people are just flat out cruel, and anyone who looks even a little different is at the mercy of this society. I had acne really bad when I was younger, and it took a toll on my face. I had permanent acne scars, or at least I thought they were permanent. I learned differently when I did my search for acne scar treatments.

I found that there actually is such a thing, and it is more common than what I realized. I was surprised that my doctor had never told me about this. To be fair, I never mentioned to him that my acne scars bothered me either. It was something that was just easier to ignore rather than face. It did not make it easier for me, but it seemed to make it easier for everyone else. Once I realized that there is a permanent solution to this and that my face could look normal again, I did not hesitate to sign up for the treatments. That was several months ago, and my face is absolutely beautiful now!

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