Moving Closet to Home Again

By Michelle Albaugh
April 18, 2017
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I was living in California when my dream job opened up in Toledo Ohio. I was pretty excited about more than just the job too. My family is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and moving to Toledo would mean that it would just take hours instead of days to visit them or for them to come see me. I didn’t tell anyone about it until I found out I got the job, and then I started looking at cheap apartments in Toledo Ohio. I called my parents and asked them if I should get a one or two bedroom apartment in Ohio, which was my way of telling them that I was moving back home, or close to it anyway.

I already knew that I was going to get a two bedroom, because I was hoping that not only my parents would visit more often but my brothers and sisters too. I wanted to have a spare room so they could crash there anytime they wanted. Finding a nice two bedroom apartment was a lot easier than I expected. The one I found at Perrys Crossing was perfect in every way imaginable.

My first priority was that it was not expensive. I was tired of paying a lot of money for apartments, so I took my time in making sure I was getting a great deal. It also helps that the cost of living is a lot lower in Toledo than it is in California! Also, I wanted to make sure that it had everything I needed like a pool and fitness center, since I do like to work out. I didn’t want to have to pay for a separate gym membership when so many apartment complexes offer these now as amenities. Finally, the apartment itself was really nice. There was ample room, and I was even able to keep my cat with me too!

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