January 22, 2019
Comments Off on HOTEL.DE BEST PLACE FOR HOTEL BOOKING AG operates a worldwide hotel reservation service through , , and also other connected internet domains. HOTEL INFO HI GmbH, HOTEL INFO reserveras hoteleras S.L., HOTEL INFO hotel booking Ltd., HOTEL INFO Italia S.r.l., HOTEL INFO France S.A.R.L., HOTEL INFO Pte. Ltd. and HOTEL INFO reservas hoteleiras Ltda. are subsidiaries of HOTEL DE AG. Additionally, the reservation service is represented by an office in Shanghai. offers business and private customers the possibility to book hotels of all categories throughout the world at preferred rates. The service which is easy to use is available free of charge, specifically, online or via the company’s own multilingual 24-hour service centre. Booking customers profit from considerable cost savings. These primarily result from the preferential room rates granted to because of the large booking volume produced. Customers also benefit from a best-price guarantee on room rates, whilst business travellers can enjoy the special rates available to corporate customers. Additionally, always displays all available rates at every hotel, so that the customer can choose the lowest or most appropriate rate (Best Buy). The booking can subsequently be made easily either online or by telephone. A comprehensive range of services for both the booking customers and hotels underlines the excellent service and quality standards of

On the supplier side, offers its member hotels an additional distribution channel with a wide reach and a particularly effective target group approach. In addition to hotelde’s myRES reservation system, the integration of external central reservation systems (CRS) of the member hotels on the reservation platform allows the hotels to automatically update their available rooms at This obviates the need for complex manual updating, which usually accounts for a major share of a hotel’s distribution expenses. Compared to a hotel’s own distribution efforts, other online travel service providers and travel agents, often offers not only a wider reach but frequently also a more cost-efficient distribution channel.

Since January 2007, has also been placing conferences. The company took over the conference data base, the online booking tool and the customer base of intergerma Marketing GmbH & Co. KG, Hamm, who were operating in the conference business up to that point. Thereby, is the leading online service for the reservation of conference hotels. The company not only offers individual overnight stays, but also conference packages, comprising of catering and technical equipment as well as the corresponding facilities. The average value of conference bookings is 15 times as high as is with individual hotel reservations.

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Hold’em Manager is a Must Have For All Players Serious About Their Poker Game

January 22, 2019
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Hold’em Manager 2 award winning poker software increases win-rates while providing players the fundamental edge needed to move up in limits.  Whether you are a recreational micro-stakes player or a high-stakes pro, HM2 is the gold standard for poker tracking and analysis software on the market today.

Building on HM1’s innovative foundation, HM2 takes HM1’s feature set and nearly doubles it dramatically improving poker software functionality.  Feature rich graphical user interface compliments HM2’s innovations taking poker software analysis to a completely new level.

No matter what your poker software experience level is, HM2 provides real-time data allowing quick profitable decisions at the tables.  Profitably analyzing your game away from the table is just as important; capitalize by using over 1,000 metrics enhancing your game while crushing the competitions.

Groundbreaking new features include NoteCaddy, HM Sync, HUD Charts and Poker Widgets are a fraction of the new innovative tools offered throughout HM2.  HM2 is the only poker software tool seamlessly integrating third party programs such as: SNG Wizard, TableNinja, TableScanner, LeakBuster and TiltBreaker.

Take your poker game to the next level and download HM2 today!


January 22, 2019

Graphic River was inevitable after the explosion in popularity of the other networked sites. It’s a place where anyone can sign up to start selling their raster and vector art to make substantial profit, and perhaps even more exciting consumers can purchase goods at extremely low prices.

What Can I Buy at Graphic River?

Looking for Layered PSD’s to use in your screen and print work? They’ve got that. Need a vector icon set for use in your new blog? They’ve got that too. Got a hunger for a new website design? You guessed it: They have it all

Graphic River has an awesome collection of graphics, Layered PSD’s and Vector art to browse through already, all neatly categorized to make finding the perfect match for your project a quick and easy task. What’s even nicer is that all of the prices are insanely low for the quality of the work. How cheap? How about starting at $1?

The quality control is pretty intense, so you know when you buy something at Graphic River (or any other Envato Marketplace) that you’re getting a good deal on anything you purchase. Trust me on that, I’ve published a few of my own products there that have been returned to me asking for improvements.

I Want To Sell!

Anyone can sign up for an Envato Marketplace account and start buying or selling today. One of the things we really like about selling products on Graphic River and it’s sibling sites is the effort put into quality control. Before you can start selling, you have to score well on a quiz that ensures sellers know what they’re doing, and before any of a sellers products are listed they undergo rigorous quality control.

And I’m not just saying that to make it sound special. Maybe they don’t consider it rigorous, but in my experience of submitting items for publication I’ve had designs returned to me requiring fine tuning that I had completely missed.

Under Envato’s Exclusive Authoring program, sellers can earn 40% to 70% commission on all sales, a rate that is going to be hard to beat on similar digital marketplaces. Honestly, making a living or a decent part time income isn’t out of the question if people are interested in the designs you sell. For Example, some themes at have sold over 300 copies in under a year at the price of around $30. Can’t complain about passive income like that.


January 22, 2019

Glary Utilities Pro combines multiple maintenance tools for your Windows desktop so you can measure, enhance, and adjust performance. This combination of tools may seem overwhelming to casual users, but for intermediate or power users, Glary offers a range of options for optimizing your machine in a clean, accessible interface.


Clean interface, accessible tools: Glary Utilities opens quickly and runs quietly in the background until you close it. The interface is clean and accessible, and there are plenty of options. The display is icon-based, which can make finding a specific menu hard at times, but it’s generally easy to get what you need.

Range of efficient tools: Glary Utilities Pro offers a huge number of tools in various categories, including Registry repair, disk space, malware removal, privacy enhancement, and system controls. If you don’t want to dig through it all, the one-click maintenance option is a fast solution when your computer gets bogged down.


Lack of labels and troubleshooting: If you’re new to advanced maintenance tools and have questions, you may find it frustrating that Glary lacks labels on menus and the Help menu is buried, leading to a separate website in your browser.

Bottom Line

Overall, Glary Utilities Pro is a good example of how to bring stodgy maintenance and application support tools into the era of clean, accessible design. It’s pleasant to look at, quick to operate, and loaded with tools. The price is incredibly reasonable after the 30-day trial, and it will make your computer run more efficiently. What more can you ask for?

Glary Utilities Pro provides an automated, all-in-one PC care service, including thorough scan for issues like invalid registries, unnecessary startup items, temporary files, Internet history and spyware. Just one click can keep any PC problems away. Glary Utilities Pro offers the safest and most efficient registry tool in the market to clean registry and fix registry errors. It cam free up more space by removing invalid registry entries and temporary files. Its process and startup manager lets you intuitively view the running processes. It can delete browser add-ons to accelerate Internet speed, analyze disk space usage and find out duplicate files. Furthermore, Glary Utilities Pro allows users to uninstall software completely in batch. It also can check for the updates and keep you up with the latest programs.

What’s new in this version:

  • Fixed Quick Search and Disk SpeedUp: Startup scheduled tasks’ start time is set incorrectly.
  • Optimized Tracks Eraser: added ‘Yaoo Toolbar’ and ‘Advanced Searchbar’.
  • Optimized Disk Cleaner: added ‘MySpaceIM’ and ‘Acronis True Image’.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Facebook Groups Poster Review

January 22, 2019
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One of the best things about Facebook Groups Poster is the ability to do a custom search (FGP uses Facebooks own search feature) and save the results to a text file, and then you use that file to join those groups and post to only those groups.
If you’re marketing to different groups, say the Paleo diet and general weight loss, you might have different marketing messages for each one!
This allows you to join many groups under 1 account, but keep custom lists and send your ads only to those groups you want to post too!
Another extremely powerful way this software can help you explode your business!

If you’re doing paid Facebook ads, you know how powerful having the User ID’s for group members can be – invaluable.
Wondering How to get Facebook user ID’s from groups automatically and quickly?

Facebook Groups Poster is a Powerful piece of software that can join groups, gather them into a .txt file, and as this video shows gather the information on the Users in the Groups you decide to target!

More than just How to get Facebook user ID’s from groups, this software also pulls out:
their name
facebook email address
profile url
user ID

More than you need? How POWERFUL is all that information in your hands?
Doing it by hand, the slow tedious way now?

EverGreenBusinessSystem Review Buy Once Use Many Times

January 22, 2019
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Create as many Automated Webinars and use on as many domain that you own as you like for one low price with no monthly fees.

Our competition has $197 set-up fees and cost $97 per month! Some are even more per month and require you to have an Infusionsoft account.

Yep. The total cost of some competitors could be near $500 each month and they don’t do a fraction of what we do for that price just one-time.

Automate Your Webinars

Create Rolling Webinars that play on autopilot. With our Smart- Date technology, you just set the days of the week and what time or multiple times of the day it should play.

Simply record your webinar one-time and let our system do the rest.

Set Black-Out dates like Christmas, and eliminate short-notice by choosing to block today, or a few days before they can see your webinar to build anticipation and educate/indoctrinate prior to your webinar.

Translated to 20 languages!

Do you market your webinars to non-English speaking customers? If so you will be happy to know that our platform supports over 20 different languages! When creating your webinar, simply select the language of your audience and our platform will automatically translate absolutely all messages and text lines for you.

Here is how easy it works, for example:

Let’s say you’re targeting your webinar to the German speaking market… In that case, simply tick the “German Language” box in the configuration dashboard and all pages, images, and options within your webinar will be instantly and automatically converted and translated to German. This includes all pages like the webinar registration page, the webinar live and replay pages, etc.

By the way, these translations have been performed by real people in their respective native language, not by some translation software that can confuse literal phrases compared to actual means and expressions known in that language. So you can rest assured the translations read 100% accurately!

Pay-Per-Attend Webinars

Do you want to charge for your webinars? No problem at all!

Evergreen Business System allows you to easily set up a pay-per-register webinar system so only those who’ve paid for your webinar ticket can actually register to it!

And, as usual, you’re in full control: you can charge whatever fee you wish, for as many webinars as you wish, and use whichever payment system you wish: PayPal, Clickbank, InfusionSoft, Google Checkout, your own merchant account, etc. You name it, you can use it.

Making money with your webinars has never been easier!

Register Users From Your Own Squeeze Page

Do you drive traffic to your own squeeze page? Yes? Excellent!

Evergreen Business System integrates with all the autoresponder companies, so you can automatically register your visitors to your mailing list and to your webinar simultaneously.

You can create your own Squeeze Page on your site, and let EBS auto-register your subscribers to your webinar on the background, without them having to do anything at all.

Integrates Straight Into Your Website Or WordPress Blog.

Do you already have your own website or WordPress blog?

No problem! you can embed the webinar’s registration box straight into it!

We offer two types of registration boxes: a vertical one, which embeds beautifully into your site’s sidebar, and a squared one which fits perfectly into your content posts. Whichever you go for, your users will be able to register to your webinar straight from your existing site or WordPress blog!

Use Any Time-Zone or Use Local-Time of Your Registrant.

Of course, you can set the time to any time zone. But we found that allowing the visitor to choose his “Local Viewing Time” is less confusing and has higher show rates.

Heck, if someone in Australia has to register for a Webinar NY time, his Friday 4PM webinar is really Saturday 6AM. Imagine how confusing that is to figure out just when trying to pick a Day and Time!

With our Local-Time feature, we take care of everything and make it easy for the viewer and we convert all the emails and notifications automatically for them in the background there is nothing you need to do.

Smart Rolling Date and Time Technology

This is a must have but most software competitors just don’t get this. Most force your visitor to choose a Date locked-in with a time on that date.

Or some get confused when you say show next 4 webinars which means the 4 choices shown to the prospect are the same date with 4 different times. Ughhh. That is because they copied what they saw us doing in our beta but they did not get it right.

The key is to offer both date and time as “Separate” selections. So that means if you want to do 4 webinars a week and 4 times a day you can. Your visitor first selects from on of 4 different days, and then selects again in another section from one of 4 different times.

When we see the others try to emulate this but get it wrong we just cringe. That is because it was not developed by marketers, just copied by programmers. You can expect more from us because we designed for us too.

Free updates for life!

Yes, we offer you free updates for life.

We plan on improving this software for a long time to come. As well as any needed patches etc. We will even take ideas and suggestions from our customers so you know things will get ever better (if you can imagine) as time goes by. All at no additional cost to you.

That’s right, create as many Automated Webinars and use on as many domain that you own as you like for one low price with no monthly fees.

To claim our EBS bonus you must use this affiliate link.


January 22, 2019

About is a new website who says that their goal is to bring people together by helping them discover more of what they love, getting out into the community, and meeting like minded new friends.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of believe that getting together with others is “the best way for people to learn, grow, get inspired, feel connected,” and more.

To this end, they have created website where people can go to find events they are interested in attending within their community, divided into categories like Arts, Food and Drink, Music, Classes, Networking, Parties, and more.

In addition, people can create events to post on and promote and share them through the website in order to get more people to participate in their event.

Cost/Price Plans

Organizers of events can post them on Eventbrite completely for free, as long as they are not charging for tickets. Organizers who are charging for tickets will be charged 2.5% of the ticket value, plus $0.99 per ticket each time a ticket sells, though no matter how much you charge for an event ticket, the service fee will be capped at $9.95 per ticket. In addition, credit card processing fees will apply as well.

Event organizers can choose whether they want to absorb all the fees themselves, to pass them on to the event attendants, or to split the fees between the two.

Refund Policy

Though this website does not publish specific details of a Refund Policy, they do say that if anyone who has purchased a ticket to your event requests a refund that all monies will be returned, including those that were taken as processing fees.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 888-810-2063 or by submitting them directly to their website.


Generally this website has positive reviews, though there are a few reviewers who said that deleted their event because “it did not fit their Terms & Conditions” but would not provide further explanation.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Of course there are other websites where you can promote and share your events, and other payment processors where you can sell tickets to events, but may be one website that provides both of these options together.


January 22, 2019

Let me preface the start of this column by saying I do not by any means condone the actions of I.K. Enemkpali last week at Jets camp. By no means was it okay for a fringe player to break the jaw of Geno Smih, sidelining the de facto starting quarterback.

It’s the sort of thing that should never happen in an NFL locker room. Fights are one thing, but breaking the jaw of your quarterback? It would lead you to believe that Geno Smith doesn’t exactly have the backing of every player wearing the green and white.

Nor can I blame them. For starters, it’s not like Geno Smith was totally innocent in the matter with Empekali.

It just never ends with this quarterback. I’m ready to pull the plug on the tired act that is Geno Smith as quarterback of the New York Jets.

Whether it’s paying a debt owed to a teammate, missing a team meeting before a game in San Diego or disobeying the orders of doctors and his head coach by throwing a football shirtless two days after jaw surgery, it just seems this guy has the wrong answer for any sort of controversy.

Geno Smith can’t escape negative headlines.

Leadership qualities are something that you cannot teach, however at the quarterback position in the National Football League they are a necessity.

In order to be a long-term solution at the quarterback position for a team, you need to have that “it” factor. When you’re in the huddle, in the locker room, on and off the field it is an absolute must to to give off that belief that you are the man right for the job.

When has Geno Smith ever given you that vibe as a Jets fan? In meaningless games at the end of the year against the Miami Dolphins?

Not good enough. Unless you just want your quarterback to make me miserable as a tortured Dolphins fan. Then well, Geno Smith is pretty good at that.

I think the Jet franchise and fan base is striving for more out of their quarterback.

Yes, it’s very unfortunate that Geno Smith broke his jaw, but ask yourself this question: are the Jets in a worse spot with Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback?

The answer to that question to me is an obvious “no.”

I’m not the biggest Ryan Fitzptrick fan. He has his flaws as a quarterback and at times has proven to be a turnover machine. However, look at his numbers last year with the Houston Texans.

Seventeen touchdowns and eight interceptions. When has Geno Smith ever put up numbers remotely close to that?

He hasn’t. Not in two-plus years as Jets quarterback.

Fitzpatrick is a professional. He knows offensive coordinator Chan Gailey’s system and will put veteran wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker in a position to succeed.

Fitzpatrick is exactly what first year head coach Todd Bowles is looking for. A quarterback who brings professionalism, leadership and veteran savvy to a position that desperately needs it.

Sunday’s comments by Coach Bowles made it pretty clear to me that if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets off to a good start with the Jets in 2015 he will remain the quarterback.

For the Jets chances of success in 2015, that’s the best news you could have gotten.

Geno Smith is never figuring it out. Forget about the rave reviews in training camp or the teases he would show you from time to time.

You have a better chance of getting a base hit off Matt Harvey or Dellin Betances than you do seeing Geno Smith as your longterm quarterback solution.

Between the play on the field and the nonsense off the field, enough is enough.

It’s time to move on.


January 22, 2019

EaseUS MobiSaver for Mac is a fast and safe solution for Mac users to get back lost data from iOS device. This professional iPhone data recovery software provides three easy and quick data recovery modes: Recover directly from iOS device, Recover from iTunes Backup, Recover from iCloud Backup. All of the three recovery modes work well in iOS device data recovery. Download and install EaseUS MobiSaver for Mac on your Mac and follow the below guide to start your iOS data recovery task.

  • Option 1: Recover Data from iOS Device
  • Option 2: Recover Data from iTunes Backup
  • Option 3: Recover Data from iCloud Backup

Option 1: Recover Data from iOS Device

Step 1. Connect Device to PC and Select Recovery Mode
Run EaseUS MobiSaver and connect your iOS device to the computer. Soon you will see the three recovery modes the software offers in its main window. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode and click “Scan” button on the right side.

Step 2. Scan the Device to Find Lost Data
Finish step 1, EaseUS MobiSaver will automatically scan your iOS device to find out and analyze all the existing and deleted files. The length of the time spend in scanning depends on the number of the file you stored on your device. So if there are lots of data on your device, please wait patiently till the software finish the scanning task. You can also click “Stop” button to cancel the scanning task and try to find lost data from current scan result.

Step 3. Preview and Recover The Lost Data
After scanning, all the recoverable files on the iOS device found by EaseUS MobiSaver will be displayed on the left side in well-organized categories. You can easily find and preview the exact type of file by clicking the correct category. Finally, you can select out all the iOS data you desire and get them back with one click on “Recover” button. Here you need to specify a folder to save the recovered files on your computer.

Option 2: Recover Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1. Choose an iTunes Backup and Scan to Extract It
Run EaseUS MobiSaver on the computer with which you usually sync your device. Choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode and soon you can see the software displayed all the backup files for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch you created using iTunes. Choose a backup and click “Scan” to extract it.

Step 2. Scan the iTunes Backup to Find Lost Data
EaseUS MobiSaver will scan your iTunes backup and analyze the data in this step. After finished scanning, the software will find out all the iOS data in the backup file. And you can see all these listed files are classified into clear categories.

Step 3. Preview and Restore the Lost Files
You can click any one type to preview them at the right side of the window. For example, “Photos & Videos”, “Contacts”, “Messages”, “WhatsApp”, etc. Here you can select Only display deleted items to list deleted files only. It can help you save your time. Then you can easily pick out those files you want to retrieve. Finally you just need to click on “Recover” button to export them to your computer.

Option 3: Recover Data from iCloud Backup

Step 1. Sign in Your iCloud
Choose the recovery mode “Recover from iCloud Backup”, then you’ll see the window below. Enter your iCloud account and password to login.
Note: EaseUS takes your privacy seriously. We will never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions.

Step 2. Download and Scan iCloud to Find Lost Data
After login, you will see all the iCloud backups in your account. Choose the one you want to extract, then click “Scan” button. The program will automatically download the backup and extract it to find lost data.

Step 3. Preview and Recover Lost Files
It will take some time to finish the scan. After the scan, preview the messages, contacts, photos etc. Select the files you want to recover, then click “Recover” button to save them on your computer. We Work With Web For More Then 8 Years

January 22, 2019
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For over 8 years we work with web. We’re experienced in creating Joomla extensions, templates, custom programming, graphic design. Basically most things you can expect from web agency. You can learn more about us from our About Us page.

We can provide services in those areas:

  • Joomla development
  • WordPress development
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Complete web development
  • Custom programming
  • Custom applications
  • Logo design
  • PSD to HTML
  • Joomla extensions programming
  • Joomla extensions customization
  • Template design and coding
  • if there’s anything not covered you’re interested in – contact us.

Click here for more information.


January 22, 2019

Although there are numerous Cloud vendors out there but what differentiates DigitalOcean is there extremely fast and agile Cloud servers. DigitalOcean prides itself for equipping its Servers with SSD drives and flexible API that allow users to maneuver their IT system operations seamlessly.

DigitalOcean provides users the opportunity to deploy their Cloud servers in a minute so that they can than transition their domains and data onto to DigitalOcean’s reliable Cloud environment. Their methodology for resource provisioning screams that they cater to Clientele more than their expectations. Along with Tier 1 bandwidth, DigitalOcean allow users to leverage amazingly well kept Cloud servers all through flexible and user friendly APIs.

Not only this, DigitalOcean also pioneers in providing users a very proficient Crisis management strategy. While hosting your online presence onto the Cost effective servers of DigitalOcean, users can woryy less regarding the safe keeping of their data. Not only is their data safe into the fully secure Cloud environment of Digital Ocean, but digital ocean also provides round the Clock backups to the infrastructure of the users.

With such operations garnering the Worry less Cloud experience, users can excel more in their business development knowing that they will be live round the Cloud. Users residing onto any pricing plan of Digital Ocean also have the ability to Schedule their backups.

DigitalOcean also equips users with easy to use DNS management and console systems where they can easily manage all of their domains. Apart from scaling numerous resources that Digital Ocean puts at the disposal of users, if for once users like to upgrade their servers, they can do this at any time of the day in just few Clicks.

Although the basic configuration of each servers by default is applicable for most of the domains however, if you feel that that your domain requires a bit more from each server then the server resizing features can easily facilitate you.

Digital Ocean has up to five packages to offer to Cloud users which are all distinct in terms of their features and attributes. However, in accordance with their first pricing plan, Users can get onto the full fledge Cloud environment of DigitalOcean literally only at Dollar 5.

However, users who would want to acquire larger clouds can fully customize the offerings of DigitalOcean and get a Custom Quotation. Such meritorious features of DigitalOcean’s Cloud hosting are doubled with 24/7 Support and SLAs that promise 99.99 % availability.