People Like Gifts from the Restaurant

January 1, 2017
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Running a restaurant in Singapore is a serious endeavor. There are so many places to eat. That’s why I looked online for corporate gifts in Singapore as a way to get an edge on my competitors. My industry is rather cutthroat and it’s easy to get run over by your competition. I thought if I could get the word out about my establishment, I might get a few more regular customers. I don’t have the budget for big radio or television advertising buys, so getting some type of trinket that I could give away, a trinket with our name and maybe our address on it, might help get our name recognized.

I wasn’t interested in pens. We buy pens by the box and people accidentally take them anyway. Plus a pen isn’t something you associate with a restaurant. I wanted something more specific.

bristollair made a real revolution in the industry.

Moving Across the Globe to Open a Business is Working Well for Me

January 1, 2017
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When I decided to start consulting as a business choice, I was able to stay on top of whatever I needed to on my own at first. But as time went buy, I began getting a lot more business so I now rely on some corporate secretarial services for Singapore business owners that will help me keep everything organized so that I can stay on top of things. I really want my business to make it, and because I think I will be living here for many years, it is important that I make sure my business makes it.

I never thought I would be both living and working in another country. I was always very close to my family. I adored my parents. I always lived in the same small town near them. My siblings lived no more than just a couple of towns away. We always made sure that we got together whenever possible for family dinners and general events. We would even show up to one another’s homes on the weekends to watch movies together.

I Had Acne Scars on My Face

January 1, 2017
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I did a search not long ago for an acne scar treatment in Singapore. I was not sure if there would be anything available, but my reasoning was good anyway. I figured if they can put a man on the moon, and if they can give a one legged man the ability to walk again, then there should be something for people like me who had hideous acne scars on our faces. I know that some people may think that is comparing apples and oranges as far as priorities are concerned, but I can guarantee you that not a single person with acne scars feel that way.

While everyone can see the scars on the outside, very few know about the internal scars. We live in society where people are just flat out cruel, and anyone who looks even a little different is at the mercy of this society. I had acne really bad when I was younger, and it took a toll on my face.

How Did the Cave Men Do It?

September 15, 2016
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This summer has been excruciatingly hot. I’ve been sweating so much I’m sure I have lost a lot of weight, my clothes seem to be just hanging loose on me. I’m certain that my house has turned into a Japanese Sauna. It’s time I look for HVAC installation in Manhattan, NY. I can’t take this heat anymore, as I’m sure I’m going to go crazy if I have to endure it much longer.

I want central air in my home, fans don’t do anything but move the hot air around which honestly doesn’t do anything to keep me cool. I stay at home all day long with my toddlers, and they complain constantly about being hot and sticky. The house smells like a sweat house, which is honestly really disgusting.

Businesses Need to Get Online or Face the Real Possibility of Going out of Business

August 10, 2016
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I remember years ago when we decided to put our business online. We wanted to take advantage of whatever the new medium of the Internet would offer as far as generating revenue. Back then, I had an employee who had built computers from kits in the early days of personal computing, and she was savvy with the new HTML that the World Wide Web was being built on. Selling online back then still required customers call or send a check. It was like fancy mail order. Now we use a marketing company in Thailand to manage our web presence and domains.

Years ago the online sales did not even account for one percent of the total revenue. Now the online sales are more than 50 percent of our revenue. I do not know about other industries that are similar to ours, but I do know we are planning for a future that has less brick and mortar stores and more online sales. It is just based on customer preference. They find it easier to use a credit card and point and click to buy.

Ants Had Infested and Ruined Our Maple Tree

July 13, 2016
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I came home form work the other day and saw thousands and thousands of ants at the base of a tree that is next to the sidewalk leading up to our house. It is an old Maple that has given us much joy with its shade and seasonal colors. I called a tree service in Brooklyn NY to come out and see why there were so many ants.

It turns out that they were an ant species that was ruining the tree. We were going to have it treated by an exterminator, but the drilling of core samples revealed that it was damaged beyond saving from the inside. I asked how the tree could look so healthy and be in such bad shape. The company that provides the tree service in Brooklyn NY told me that the nutrients that feed the leaves and growth travels just under the bark. The inner part of the tree is supposed to be solid wood. The tree had big hollow spaces compromising its structural integrity.

We had to have the tree cut down and the stump removed.

Replacement for T8 Tube Lightbulbs

June 6, 2016
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I am going through he process of replacing a lot of the light bulbs in the house, in order to upgrade to LED lights, which use less power and also last for a long time. One of the last things on my list of light bulbs to look for are LED t8 tube bulbs and I hope that I can find them at a reasonable price. I do not think that they have made light bulbs of this type in a LED variety for very long, and so that is the main reason why I am worried that they might be kind of expensive.

However, overall, the price of LED bulbs has gone down a lot over the past couple of years.

Uses for Common Garden Flowers

June 2, 2016
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I have been trying to learn about some of the homeopathic and medicinal qualities of some fairly typical garden plants, and flowers, to try to learn more about how to live healthy, and improve my quality of life. I am going to try to learn as much as I can, but I am starting with learning about flowers that are in my garden. So I am reading about Borage uses right now, because that is one of the first things on my list to learn about.

What I did was I went through my garden, and tried to figure out what each plant was. I had to do some research on some of them to figure it out, but I already knew what the majority of the plants were. So after I figured out what they all were, then I made a list of all of the plants and sorted it alphabetically.

How to Drive New Customers to You

January 30, 2016
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Sometimes you just need a printer in Brisbane for your marketing campaign. It’s easy to forget about the physical world when we have so much focus aimed toward the digital one. With a Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr campaign bringing in plenty of new customers sometimes we just forget that the real world can bring in just as many new customers as a digital one can. It’s a different technique and one that millenials have forgotten to utilize. When starting your own business is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of ease thanks to the distinct lack of needing a physical space, it’s no wonder that those without any marketing experience are going to skip out on the physical world.

My Boys and I Have Found a New Way to Spend Time Together

January 29, 2016
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I was never any good at sports back in school. If you have ever seen a TV show where they show’s writers joke around by making a character on the show be the last one to be picked for a team sport, I was that kid in real life. It was pretty upsetting when I was just a little guy, but I soon learned that just because I am no good at sports does not mean I need to actually play them. I love watching them and observing. I ended up buying Madden 16 and a gaming console to play it on. I had never done this before and wondered if I would like it.

I purchased the game and set to play it on at a moving sale, so I did not have the usual instruction manual to use as I would have if I had purchased it new from a store.

Gardening Tools And Supplies

December 20, 2015
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For any type of garden to thrive, it is a must to have the essential gardening tools. The very important thing to remember is you should get tools that are durable and inexpensive. For a backyard gardener who’s growing plants in containers, there’s really no need to have all of those recommended gardening tools and equipment. The idea here is to get what you need. You can even improvise if you currently lack the budget.

Below are my actual backyard gardening tools. I use these regularly, so I had to buy them during the early days of our backyard garden.

Gardening Tools

Here are the plastic pots and rectangular planter that are now in use. The small basins are my sister’s. She used them during college when she was staying at the university. Right now, I use one of them when mixing up soil and compost, or when there’s a need to replant.

A plastic watering can or watering pot is a must for all gardeners. If you have a bigger garden, it’s best to have a dedicated watering hose attached to a nearby outdoor faucet.


[Items here, from the trowel going clockwise:]

– For your trowel, it does’t matter if you get a plastic or a metal one. As long as it’s durable, lightweight, and affordable.

Pruning shears/pruning scissors are essential in the garden especially if you have plants that love being pruned. Keep your pruning shears clean and oiled to help them open and close properly when in use. You may use WD-40 on the middle section or adjoining parts of the shears.

Sharpen the blades  from the bevel to the tip of each blade with a sharpening file. You may oil the metal parts after sharpening.

Tweezers can be very useful in the garden especially if you don’t like picking out weevils, caterpillars, and other pests in your garden. I just have these pair of tweezers available at home, so might as well put them to good use.

But if you’re not iffy or afraid of handling insects and pests using your bare hands, then it’s okay if you don’t have tweezers. You just need to use rubber gloves to protect your skin from stains and stings.

Scissors can also be handy especially when you are tying branches onto stakes or cutting out fertilizer and compost packets.

Garden hand fork/cultivator is a must. You can use it for aerating soil, weeding, transplanting, and many others.

img_72741 img_83791

These seedling pots are must-haves in your backyard garden. Make sure to get reusable plastic seedling pots to save on cash. Those white sticks are actually seedling tags. You can also reuse them by sticking paper or masking tape over the wider part of the tag.