People Like Gifts from the Restaurant

By Michelle Albaugh
January 1, 2017
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Running a restaurant in Singapore is a serious endeavor. There are so many places to eat. That’s why I looked online for corporate gifts in Singapore as a way to get an edge on my competitors. My industry is rather cutthroat and it’s easy to get run over by your competition. I thought if I could get the word out about my establishment, I might get a few more regular customers. I don’t have the budget for big radio or television advertising buys, so getting some type of trinket that I could give away, a trinket with our name and maybe our address on it, might help get our name recognized.

I wasn’t interested in pens. We buy pens by the box and people accidentally take them anyway. Plus a pen isn’t something you associate with a restaurant. I wanted something more specific. I looked around on a site I found online for something that would really speak to my customers. I found these really neat bamboo fiber box sets that looked perfect. They looked professionally made and extremely durable. Also they looked classy if I say so myself. I saw them and I wanted one for myself, so I thought they would be perfect.

What we did is got the boxes and then filled them with candies and handed them out to people who ordered over a certain amount of food. What we wanted was a way to say thank you to the customers who come in and spend a lot of money at the restaurant. I think we bought one hundred of them and ended up giving them out over a couple of weeks. They were a big hit with our customers. It was such a success that we’re planning on doing something similar in the future, probably around the holidays.

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