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By Marc Fox
January 22, 2019
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PokerTracker is a poker program that tracks your play and records each and every hand you play. PokerTracker then joins each one of those hands to give you itemized insights about your amusement and your rivals’ diversions. That is only the tip of the chunk of ice, however; PokerTracker is stuffed brimming with elements that make it an unquestionable requirement have for genuine poker players.

I’m not one to get energized over advanced items (a large portion of them are a sham) yet PokerTracker is one that I have by and by utilized for quite a long time. Actually, every triumphant poker player I have ever met utilizes PokerTracker broadly. The data it gives is completely immaculate gold.

PokerTracker lives up to expectations with a wide mixed bag of poker destinations and for both ring recreations and competitions. It is perfect with most poker destinations and it can even consolidate your insights from different locales. There are three unique renditions of PokerTracker. One works with Texas Hold’em, one works with Omaha and one works with Seven Card Stud.

PokerTracker Statistics

Each hand you play and each hand you see at the tables is naturally recorded by Poker Tracker and put away in a database on you’re PC. From that database, PokerTracker assembles an immense scope of insights that will let you know all that you could ever need to think about your diversion and the playing styles of your adversaries.

For instance, PokerTracker can let you know the amount of cash you have won/lost with each hand. Wonder in case you’re profiting with ATo? Simply start up PokerTracker and figure out. You can even discover the distinction in profit when playing ATo in right on time position versus late position. Also, that is only one hand. Is it accurate to say that you are beginning to see the potential outcomes?

You can figure out how regularly you raise and 3-wager before the lemon, how frequently each of your rivals do likewise and how frequently all of you call raises. PokerTracker likewise lets you know your win rate, your lifetime rewards and the amount of rake you pay. This system gives what appears like a boundless measure of data.

Those are only a couple of illustrations to give you a thought of how intense PokerTracker is. There are a large number of things you can do with this system. You can even sort your insights and contrast patterns with discover what profits and what doesn’t.

Heads-Up Display

Not just does PokerTracker help you audit your amusement sometime later, yet it likewise gives ongoing backing through its inherent HUD. The HUD shows the measurements of every player at the table. The most imperative insights (specifically the % of hands played and preflop raise %) are shown over their heads in a little, inconspicuous box. You can tap on that container whenever to get a full readout of that player’s insights.

The HUD meets expectations by utilizing your database to show all known data with respect to that player. On the off chance that you don’t have any history with that player, PokerTracker will hold up until you watch a couple hands with that player and begin showing what it knows. It likewise clarifies what number of hands you have logged against that player with the goal that you can tell how precise the details are.


PokerTracker likewise has a discretionary, membership include that discovers the best tables for you. A focal framework gathers data at each perfect site and discovers the best tables in view of how free the players are and the measure of the normal pot. This is awesome for discovering the weakest tables over numerous poker locales. On the off chance that you need to amplify your time at the tables, this component is to a great degree valuable.

Last Verdict

I am a gigantic devotee of PokerTracker so think of it as profoundly suggested. This system is great and is justified regardless of each and every penny. You’ll sufficiently spare cash in your first session alone to pay for this project. Not just does it give huge amounts of valuable data, however it will help you consider the diversion in ways you never envisioned.

In the event that you are prepared to purchase PokerTracker, here are the choices for getting the product:

PokerTracker Hold’em Full Version

The full, boundless form of PokerTracker expenses a level $89.99. This rendition of poker tracker lives up to expectations with all stakes and has no impediments on its utilization. The enlistment is legitimate for two PCs at once.

PokerTracker Hold’em Micro Stakes

In case you’re a little stakes player and need to try PokerTracker out, you can buy this adaptation for $44.99. This adaptation accompanies all components accessible aside from it just works with little stakes diversions up to as far as possible:

$0.10/$0.25 No Limit

$11.00 Tournaments

$0.25/$0.50 Fixed Limit

You can move up to the full form whenever for $49.99.

PokerTracker Omaha & Stud

PokerTracker for Omaha and Stud can be acquired for $55 each. In the event that you effectively own an alternate form of PokerTracker, you’ll get $10 off your request.


There are a few enrollment choices for TableTracker relying upon what stakes you play and how cash months you pay for ahead of time. The value ranges from $9.99 every month up to $34.99 a month. A membership to TableTracker effortlessly pays for itself by discovering the gentlest tables each time you play.

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