The Perfect Tent for Us

By Michelle Albaugh
March 14, 2017
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My wife and I had never been camping before, but it was something that we both wanted to try. We are both adventurous, so it didn’t bother us for both of us to be newbies to the idea. We decided to just go for it one weekend, and we wrote out a list of everything that we would have to buy. The list was quite short actually, because we had most of the items already. We did need to buy a tent though. We looked at quite a few, and we finally settled on getting the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 person tent.

I know that there are tents that are a lot bigger out there, but we did not need one that is huge. We only planned on spending sleeping time inside the tent. During our waking hours, we wanted to be out and about, enjoying the campsite and meeting new friends. This tent is no slouch by any means. It boasts an impressive 35 square feet of room inside it, which means there is room for us, our sleeping bags, plus our bags. The main reason I got this one is because of all the positive things that were mentioned about it.

Since neither one of us had ever been camping before, we needed to have a tent that is easy to set up. We did not want anything complicated, and this tent definitely is not that. It only took a few minutes the first time we put it up, and we have even shaved about a minute off of that time by this point. The only two negative points were not really a concern for us. One is the weight, but it is only five pounds. We are not carrying it up a mountain, so it’s not a big deal. The other is the space for personal items inside, but again, that is not a problem for us. This tent is actually perfect!

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